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This is my blog for my English class.
And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie

I have wanted to reread this book I read in middle school.  This books is a mystery book and everything unfolds at the end.  In this book a group of people are invited to this mysterious island.  They all have untold past that brought them there and none of them know why they were invited.  They all arrive a this house and a random with no host just the butler and his wife, and no way to escape.  They find a story about ten little Indians and in the end they all die one by one in specific ways.  When they all decide to have dinner because they no they cant leave tell tomorrow or some other  time they see ten Indian figures sitting on the table.

Eragon - Christopher Paolini

I have took a new interest into the book Eragon by Christopher Paolini.  I wanted to start reading this book because I remembered how almost everyone was interested into it in elementary school but I never got into it.  I haven't got to far into the book so far but the book is about a boy Eragon and he finds a blue stone.  This blue stone he finds hatches a dragon and his word begins to fill with magic and wonders.  He has to be careful though because the king of the empire is evil and he has to evade him and his followers to protect the dragon.  If I enjoy this book it is very likely i will read to two other books that come after this one.

The Grand Design - Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow

      For the past few weeks I picked up a really informational book from the library.  This book is The Grand Design written by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow.  I have been skipping around in this book but i have gotten some good information out of it.  This book is about the universe, how it was created, and just other hypothesis about things to think about.  The beginning of the book is just about, Where did we come from?, and other similar questions.  It is hard to explain what this book is about i guess you could just say it is about life and the things to understand about it.  I have only read a few pages so far but i should have way more information about this book when i blog next.  I would consider this book to anyone who wants to think about life and understand it a little bit more.

Alex has been recently been shot in the side by a shot gun.  After he is all patched up him and his girlfriend go in search of the bandit who shot him because of a shot gun that the bandit left behind.  The shot gun was Alex's fathers gun.  Alex has not seen his father since the eruption happened.   Alex and Darla, his girlfriend, follow the snow tracks to a house and find the bandit.  The bandit has been bleeding out for a while so now they have to get him to a medic.  They take him to the closest city but the occupants wont help unless they have something of value to trade.  They must keep this bandit alive so they can come closer to finding Alex's dad.

I have started to read the book Ashen Winter by Mike Mullin.  This book is the 2nd book in the trilogy. It is about this boy named Alex looking for his parents after an appocolips.  Yellowstone erupted recently and kill a lot of people.  Now he must survive and find his parents with his girlfriend.  They just left his uncles house because they found his dads shotgun from a bunch of bandits The best.  The worst part is it snowed in the last few months and the ash in the sky isn't letting the sun melt the snow.  Now Alex and his girlfriend Darla must make it to his parents in this snowing oblivion.  

How old is the universe?  I have started to The Birth of Time bu John Gribbin.  This book is a non- fiction book explaining how the universe was created.  It shows how scientist determine how old the the universe is.  I dont have to much to say about this book because i just recived it from my library.  This book is full of information and hopefully i learn all i can from this book.

Book Blog 1

This is a really a tense stage in the book.  Katniss and Rue have to sabotage the other survivors food supply.   Rue has done some recon and has discovered that there is only one watchman and he has a leg problem.  They have to get ride of the food in order to help them survive.  If they do so then the other competitors will have no food and Katniss and Rue will have nutrients to stay alive.  They still don't know how they are going to infiltrate the base and steal the food or just burn it.  In this type of environment you have to do what you have to do to see another day

This story has just took a big turn.  Katness has had many changes in her life.  Her being in the capital with expensive everything she is living a life she has only dreamed of.  She has started her training for the games she is perfecting her archery skills.  Peeta has also been training the need to be very ready if they want to survive.  Both are trying the best to be ready.  They both know only one survives.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins

In The Hunger Games Katness, the main character, has just volunteered to be a tribute in the hunger games.  Her sister Prim was selected but Katness sacrificed herself.  With Katness as the female tribute Petta is the male tribe.  The bother have time to say good by to their family and love ones.  Everyone thinks Katness has a chance of winning the games.  Katness is a trained hunter she knows how to use a bow well.  Petta and Katness baord the train to go to the capital and it is so luxurious.  They are going to the capital to train for the games.